Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Miles ... Times 2?

Today I walked my usual 3 miles. I walked with a friend & didn't feel that I was really pushing myself. Is it possible that I'm getting in better shape & need to pick up the pace? I told my husband when I got home that I didn't feel tired & that I like to exercise until exhaustion. That's when I really feel the burn. So, after a couple of hours, I headed back out & walked 3 more miles. I walked at speeds that were much faster than I thought capable - but no jogging yet for this girl. I can't seem to run as I cannot catch my breath. I keep hoping to lose another 10 pounds before Mother's Day so when I go home, my family will notice my progress. Right now it's difficult to see, but I'm only 20 pounds from another very big goal. Better get back to tracking my food so I can get this weight off!

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