Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weight Loss Ticker


Not sure if this will work.  It's my weight loss ticker.  I cannot figure out how to make it go to the top of my page.  Frustrated blogger!

Monday, October 25, 2010

75 Pounds Lost today!

I did it!  I received my last award from Weight Watchers before I reach my goal weight.  I'm so excited to hit 75 pounds, but to be honest, my progress has slowed tremendously.  I am losing one pound every week.  A loss is a loss is a loss, but at this rate, I will have 16 more weeks to go until I hit my goal.  That's 4 months!  I just really need to step up my eating habits.  Ron gets paid on Friday and we are going to hit up Sam's Club so I can get some healthy foods that they have prepared & frozen.  My workouts are very steady.  I'm running 2 miles a day and alternating the eliptical or Jillian Shred for the other 20 minutes.  Basically, I workout 40 minutes a day with one or 2 days of rest in the week.  Bottom line is that I'm losing my bottom line & that's the most I can hope for.  I have not had a gain yet, and am praying that trend continues.  To be continued...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Progress Pictures

Wanted to post a few more progress pictures.  As I get closer to my goal, I'm finding my patience to be wearing thin & my progress to be much, much slower.  I'm also getting far fewer points, so I need to really crack down on my eating & choose healthier options for myself.  That will increase my amount of food allotment daily if I make better choices.  Gotta get down 16.4 more pounds.  SO close!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still Kicking & closing in on the finish line!

Lost another pound this week for a total of 74! I so wanted to hit 75, but a loss is a loss & still haven't hit a gain yet! If I could get through this without a gain, I would just be so excited, but my leader still continues to worry that I will fall apart. I LOVE my meetings each week & get so excited to go & be a part of a group of people with the same goals! I don't feel that I NEED the group as much as I simply enjoy everyone & the topics, etc. It's inspiring to hear of others losing & seeing successes in the group! Yesterday, someone who is a lifetime member returned to her goal weight. Awesome success! I cannot wait for that day to be mine & it will soon. I have 17.4 pounds to go. Just wanted to check in with myself on the blog since I am my only reader! LOL. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Is that a goiter on his face?

My husband had a tumor removed from the inside of his mouth. The surgery went MUCH better than expected. The 2nd day he awoke, I looked at him & then had to look again! His face was so swollen that I asked him if he had a goiter growing off his face. Not really the thing he wanted to hear. Yesterday he woke up & the swelling had gone down significantly! He even coached Ronnie's games yesterday & made it to church despite all of the pain he was experiencing. Way to go!

On to my week with weight loss. I've been very snacky lately & I know it's because I'm not choosing the right filling foods to keep me from getting hungry. When I lose weight, I get less ponits to consume & it's really getting hard to stay full. This is where eating right really becomes important. I'm trying to make better choices or it really becomes a willpower thing & that's how I became fat to begin with. I think I'll have another loss today on the scales, but by the end of the day, my body seems to put on a couple of pounds. Guess we shall see...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I may not be featured in a magazine anytime soon...

Well, at my weigh-in on Monday, I was told by the leader that he is concerned for me. He said he is pleased with my progress (70 pounds!), but the fact that I've done this without gaining is concerning to him. He feels that I will be devastated WHEN I finally have a gain & that it's impossible to get through this without doing so. I have a friend who says my "story" will be more inspiring & relatable to others if I have a gain. I get this. I really do. But, I am dedicated to the plan, am exercising as I should, and following a healthy diet. If the plan works, then why the need to worry about me? If I do gain (and I probably will at some point) I will be sad, but it will not cause me to quit. I was also told that I'm losing at a rate that is higher than average, and if I want to submit my story to a Weight Watcher's magazine, they cannot publish it unless I lose less than 2 pounds per week. That struck me as funny because I had no intention of submitting my story to a magazine, but now I'm intrigued about it...

Honestly, I'm doing the plan as it's designed to be. I guess I'm fortunate that my body responds well to healthy eating & exercise. I am definitely losing much slower than at the beginning. I do think my weekly average will be within their guidelines by the time I hit my goal. It's just hard to hear the negative comments when I'm trying so hard to be so good. Anyhoo, I have to admit that I've been feeling more hunger & cravings for snacks lately & I need to make sure my food choices are healthier. Too many snacks are getting in my way!

My husband has surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor they found in his jaw. He has to have part of his jaw removed & it is supposed to be a really painful recovery. Just praying all goes well for him & trying to keep my stress levels under control. Happy Thursday to you all!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Before & During Pics - Not for the Weak to See

The absolute worst one below - I'm in the purple.

Suck in the gut - seriously!

I loved hiding my fat with a child or 2

The top picture was taken at my parent's house on October 3, 2010. I was weighed last night & am down 70 pounds exactly! Only 21 more pounds until I hit my goal! I'm including some before pics - scary is probably an understatement. For some reason, I try to cut & paste my narrative to go above my pics, but the stupid blogger isn't working right. Annoying!
The sad part about these before pics is, they were not taken at my highest weight. I had to ask my sister for pictures because I had none, zero, zilch of myself. I guess when you don't like how you look, camera avoidance becomes a gift. So, look only if you have a strong stomach because they may make you sick...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

29 Minutes!

That was first my time doing a 5K that I RAN in today. Yes - I ran (jogged) the entire way! And it wasn't that much torture. The last mile or so was tough, but I made it & was so pleased that I did it in under 30 minutes. What a shocker for me! I'm down another pound & almost hitting the 70 pound mark for weight lost! I'm SOOOO close to my goal. Sadly, my pictures taken when I was running the 5K are unflattering & I see more weight that still needs to come off. However, I never could have done this at my starting weight. I'm so proud of myself for doing something I have never done before!