Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting this Figured Out

One thing I've noticed lately is that everyone has advice to give me.  I do like positive feedback & advice WHEN I ASK for it, but what frustrates me is when I'm talking about my exercise program & someone tells me what would work better.  Of if I'm talking about my food intake, I hear what would be a better choice.  I totally understand people wanting to provide helpful information, but I am totally figuring this thing out.  I'm now down 82 pounds (yea!) and only have 9.4 more pounds to lose until I hit my goal.  I'm excited as I'm nearing the end of this first part & I'm doing it in a healthy way.  My husband is going to insulate our garage & we are going to convert it into a gym.  He's even letting me get cable in the garage!  Hey, it's still cheaper than a monthly gym membership & I can remove the box anytime with no contract!!!  Running on a treadmill while listening to my MP3 player and staring at a wall is BORING.  I find myself dreading workouts because it's torture to stare at the wall.  I'm also finding the frigid temps challenging because my garage is so daggone cold that I can't stand going in there to workout.  Can't wait until we get the garage completed & I have my own personal gym.  Advice to everyone, give advice when it's requested, but don't hand it out if it's not.  It just makes me second guess what I'm doing & different things work for different people.  If I'm losing steadily in a healthy way, praise me & leave it alone!    I take in the info I learn from my Weight Watcher's group & follow the program as it's designed...  Anyhoo, I lost 1.6 pounds this week.  I won't make weigh-in next week because Ronnie has a basketball game, so I'll check in after Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Weigh-In

Another Monday & another weigh-in!  Successful & very exciting for me!  I lost 2.8 pounds & am now down 80.4 pounds!  I have 11 total pounds to go until goal & only 6 pounds more until I hit a "healthy" weight range!!!  So many thoughts have been running through my head.  At the beginning of this process, I had some negativity from a couple of people.  I could have let that get to me & cause me to quit.  I did let it fester inside of me & I used it to motivate me.  I do not ever want to be one of those people who has so much jealousy inside that I have to lash out & make fun of someone who is overweight.  I do think jealousy was what brought about the negative comments.  My advice to others in this type of situation is to use the negativity in a positive way.  When I'm upset or am getting negativity from others, I hop on the treadmill & run it off.  I am almost to the end of part one of this journey.  Eleven more pounds until I hit maintenance!  I will get 4 points back per day & that will be wonderful!  I do admit that I am more hungry lately.  I need to continue making good food choices & keep up my activity.  Signing off for now as I'm so tired.  The time change seems to have affected me which is odd because it's only an hour, but I have just been so tired this week & need to get some extra sleep!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I had a fabulous weigh-on on Monday!  I am down 2.6 more pounds for a total of 77.6 lost & 13.8 more to go until goal!  That high on Monday has worn off though, unfortunately.  At this lower weight, I've noticed my body is extremely sensitive to extra calories.  I've had no time to workout this week, and when I say that, I truly mean it.  I will find time in a day when I can & rarely miss, but last night I didn't get home until after 9pm from a training & didn't feel well, so I went straight to bed.  I've put back on 2 pounds since Monday & it's only been 2 days.  Dang.  I'm determined to get this off & more before Monday.  Gotta kick it into high gear.  Losing a pound a week is progress & is good, but it will take me 4 months to lose the weight at this rate, so here I am confessing that I am going to kick it up & lose the weight!