Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gotta get there - Then what?

So I just typed up a long post & then it deleted somehow. UGH! Not a fan of repeating myself. I'm down 59.8 pounds now. So close to 60, but not quite. Frustrating, but exciting at the same time! This journey has happened so quickly for me (at least it seems to have flown by). I started on this trek on 3/29/10. Here I am about 5 months later, and I've lost almost 60 pounds. How crazy to think that I'm not the fat girl in the room anymore. I feel so good! My right knee still hurts as much as it did before, so I do think I'm probably getting arthritis (getting older sucks!) But my hands don't go numb at night like they used to & I do think there is something about the weight that made that happen. Hmm - fat wrists? That just seems odd but whatever!

I mentioned to my WW leader that my biggest fear through this entire process is what happens when I actually get to my goal. I am very competitive & I work very hard to reach a goal. Once I'm there, I fear that I will quit or slide back to my old habits. My parents reinforce that it will be hard to keep it off & that my progress will be slower now that I'm smaller. These things may be typical, but why the need to throw that in my face when I already am struggling? I have had zero negativity from anyone else throughout this entire process. In fact, I have been getting such wonderful praise & feedback that it makes me wanna keep going.

Below are pics taken to show my further weight loss. (About 10 pounds down from the last pics). I personally can't see a difference from the pics & probably should have warn the same outfit. Who thinks of that stuff beforehand though? Gracie posed in the pics with me & I was laughing when I published them because I had no idea she was posing with me...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Run Like the Wind!

The heat finally broke - slightly - so I decided to do my walk/jog around the neighborhood instead of inside. I did my light jog & tried to convince myself I was an actual runner. Yep. I managed to run an entire mile without stopping! How totally proud I was! In my entire life, I'm sure I've never made it a mile without stopping. Ever. It was truly an Ah Ha moment where I discovered that I could do things with a bit of determination. I am excited to go out & try to do it again. My goal is to eventually be able to run 3 miles without stopping. There is a 5K coming up in October. That totals 3.1 miles. I want to be able to jog the entire way. There is no prize, but it's my new goal that I'm setting for myself. My weight continues to go down. I lost 2.8 more pounds in the past week! That is music to my ears!!!!! Last night I got on the elipitcal for 30 minutes. I've never done that for more than 15 minutes, so I set 2 new records for myself yesterday. I'm a bit sore today, but I feel so awesome!

Last night, I got out a bunch of clothes in my closet that I had in the "skinny" pile. I fit into every pair of pants & some were actually too big! I can't wait for fall so I can show off my new clothes. Many still had tags on them, but I've owned for several years. Very cool. I tried on my "fat" jeans for the first time. They were huge, but not as huge as I expected them to be. I need to make a trip to Goodwill & clean out my closet! I'm really liking the new me & I'm excited to see the end in sight for the weight loss. Of course, that isn't an end to my weight struggles, but once I hit goal, it becomes a new goal of maintenance. I pray that's easier for me than the losing part. So far, this has been the easiest time I've had losing weight. Yippee!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Back in the Saddle AGAIN!

I find that I have an obsessive personality! When I want something, I go all in. I'm so tired of being the fat girl in the room - the least important person around - just a feeling I have sometimes. I went on vacation & managed to lose 2.8 pounds & now I really feel a 2nd wind coming! I've got some personal turmoil that I need to work through, so I'm throwing even more attention on my health & well-being. It's one little thing that I have control of right now. My running is getting better, though I can't run a mile yet without stopping to walk. Still trying, but this daggone heat is killing me. I'm SO close to my goal weight & finally met with my Weight Watcher's leader to set it. I'm down 55.6 pounds with only 35.8 more to go. Crazy that I'm way more than half way there & I just started on 3/29. Gotta love seeing the successes of hard work! Off to get some work done & maybe fit in a little Jillian too. I'm feeling a bit sore this week because I took a week off. Gotta get back at it!