Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Back in the Saddle AGAIN!

I find that I have an obsessive personality! When I want something, I go all in. I'm so tired of being the fat girl in the room - the least important person around - just a feeling I have sometimes. I went on vacation & managed to lose 2.8 pounds & now I really feel a 2nd wind coming! I've got some personal turmoil that I need to work through, so I'm throwing even more attention on my health & well-being. It's one little thing that I have control of right now. My running is getting better, though I can't run a mile yet without stopping to walk. Still trying, but this daggone heat is killing me. I'm SO close to my goal weight & finally met with my Weight Watcher's leader to set it. I'm down 55.6 pounds with only 35.8 more to go. Crazy that I'm way more than half way there & I just started on 3/29. Gotta love seeing the successes of hard work! Off to get some work done & maybe fit in a little Jillian too. I'm feeling a bit sore this week because I took a week off. Gotta get back at it!

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