Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking it Every Other Week at a Time...

Well, the past 4 weeks haven't been as successful for my weight loss. Still losing & keeping on track, but for different reasons, we have only had meetings every other week. It seems that I like to take a vacation from WW when there is not a meeting. At least I didn't gain, but my progress has slowed majorly. I lost 2.8 pounds over the past 2 weeks. Happy with the loss & glad I didn't gain, but I was enjoying some better & faster weight loss when I had weekly meetings. I'm going on vacation next Saturday, so I will miss yet another meeting. My desire is to stay on track through my vacation & hit a good weight loss at my next meeting. I'm just anxious to get skinny - what can I say? I went to Fashion Bug today to try on some clothes & was a bit upset at my reflection in the mirror. I'm not where I need to be & need to get a little bit of patience. It's a lifetime change & won't happen overnight... Anyhoo, at least I'm still losing! Can I get a woot woot???!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I hit it! The big 5-0! I lost 50 pounds. 5.0. 50. Can't believe it! I actually had to fight for my medal. The Weight Watcher's person wrote down my incorrect starting weight on the record sheet, but my book states differently. I had to make sure they had my correct info & yep! It was indeed 50 pounds! Trudging along to my goal & seeing a finish line in sight! I have 41.4 pounds left until I reach my goal. That is so close & so attainable! I cannot wait to reach the finish line!!!!! Woot woot!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mid-way pictures

I'm midway to my goal. I've lost 48.2 lbs & have 45 more to go until I'm where I want to stay! I'm posting pics of where I am now. I wish I would have taken pictures during this process because I still see a chubby girl & yet I feel so much skinnier. It would have helped me mentally if I had something to reflect & compare, but all I have is a candid shot. Boy, camera avoidence is something I am great at!!!