Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm singing a song today

I've had a bad day...

I have to admit that I have not been too tempted to eat badly. I have been consistent & had consistent weight loss. So, why did I suggest getting Little Caesar's pizza for Ronnie & his buddies today? I ate 2 pieces & felt okay about that. I looked up the nutritional information & each piece was 6 points. I could sacrifice 12 points to do this. But I kept thinking about the dang pizza. I could be strong - nope. I cleaned off the table & Gracie hardly touched her piece. So I ate it. Yep. It was good. I feel sick now & have so much regret. I hope someday that I can be normal & not worry so much about the calories, but I'm definitely not there. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Ugh. I'm off to walk 3 miles today & do my Jillian shred tonight. Hope I can make up the indulgence...

Friday, May 14, 2010

I've got this, right?

I'm starting to feel stressors in my life for many different reasons. I'm finding that I have a lot of drama in my life that I really don't want to be involved in. I really want to focus on my family, my health, and my upcoming move, but things keep cropping up. I felt really bad yesterday. First, I went to MCL for a Mother-Daughter banquet with my Mother-in-Law. I was very proud of my choices at a buffet! I chose Tilapia with strawberries. But when I got home, I felt the urge to eat something bad. I had been in a bit of a frustrated mood for the past 2 days with outside stressors that were weighing on me. I have decided to let those things go & give it to God. I don't need to fret about things I cannot control & things I cannot change. Allowing those things to bother me was a contributor to my weight gain. I did eat some Ritz crackers with cheese. I felt gross afterwards. They were not counted into my daily points & of all things, the stupid crackers were a bit stale. Seriously? Next time I cheat, I want some fresh junk. I think I've got this figured out? Pleased so far! I am working to let other people's drama stay just that - their drama. I'm gonna focus on the family & on me & make better choices. Can't let sress allow me to lose control. Jillian - kick my butt some more. Gotta get shredded!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I hit my GOAL!

I lost only 2.6 pounds this week, but it put me over my goal weight for the week! I have lost 10% of my starting body weight & am now at 26.4 pounds lost! I've been doing the Jillian 30 day shred & it's working! She's getting me fit & phat! Still stressing out about moving in 3 weeks and trying to pack while still trying to get myself fit, working full time, raising kids & spending time with my husband. I keep counting down the days until I'm moved & settled & ready to get rid of a bit of stress!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jillian - you are my hero!

Yep. I totally recommend this DVD. She promises I will be totally hot in 30 days. Yeah right! But, I'm hurting, sweating, & feeling the burn. She pushed me & I didn't want her to "yell" at me through the TV, so I did what she said. Ouch!

I Need to Find that Light...

Not sure why I am in a funk lately. I haven't cheated on my diet & am consistent with exercise. I just caught an unflattering glimpse of myself in the mirror today, coupled with not having lost any weight since my weigh in on Monday. I feel yucky! I keep trudging along, but weight loss is a slow thing & I tend to be in a hurry to get there. With packing to move, preparing for the world's largest garage sale, and trying to get healthy, there just isn't enough time in my day. Ron is still looking for a job & I'm not quite sure how stable my job is right now. Gosh, could I add anymore stressors to my life right now? I probably shouldn't jinx myself by saying that...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, as if working on a weight loss wasn't enough, we are now moving! I have mixed feelings about the move because Ron is still unemployed, and this will be a financial strain on us until he finds a job. But, I'm so excited to get settled in our house with the fenced in yard. Gracie will be able to safely play outside & Skipper will be in heaven! We will have so much more room outside. I've been purging our things & it's a great feeling to downsize. I had my weekly weigh-in last night & lost another 3.6 lbs. I'm down 23.8 pounds. My 10% goal is 24 lbs, so I hope to reach that next week! I have gone down one clothing size, but I don't seem to have any clothes in my closet that fit. I don't want to go out & buy much, so people will have to get over the fact that I keep wearing clothes that are too big, or the same pair of pants that actually fit. I will buy plenty of clothes when I reach my goal. Until then, I think it's not a good use of my money!

Anyone wanna come help me pack???