Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, as if working on a weight loss wasn't enough, we are now moving! I have mixed feelings about the move because Ron is still unemployed, and this will be a financial strain on us until he finds a job. But, I'm so excited to get settled in our house with the fenced in yard. Gracie will be able to safely play outside & Skipper will be in heaven! We will have so much more room outside. I've been purging our things & it's a great feeling to downsize. I had my weekly weigh-in last night & lost another 3.6 lbs. I'm down 23.8 pounds. My 10% goal is 24 lbs, so I hope to reach that next week! I have gone down one clothing size, but I don't seem to have any clothes in my closet that fit. I don't want to go out & buy much, so people will have to get over the fact that I keep wearing clothes that are too big, or the same pair of pants that actually fit. I will buy plenty of clothes when I reach my goal. Until then, I think it's not a good use of my money!

Anyone wanna come help me pack???

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