Friday, May 14, 2010

I've got this, right?

I'm starting to feel stressors in my life for many different reasons. I'm finding that I have a lot of drama in my life that I really don't want to be involved in. I really want to focus on my family, my health, and my upcoming move, but things keep cropping up. I felt really bad yesterday. First, I went to MCL for a Mother-Daughter banquet with my Mother-in-Law. I was very proud of my choices at a buffet! I chose Tilapia with strawberries. But when I got home, I felt the urge to eat something bad. I had been in a bit of a frustrated mood for the past 2 days with outside stressors that were weighing on me. I have decided to let those things go & give it to God. I don't need to fret about things I cannot control & things I cannot change. Allowing those things to bother me was a contributor to my weight gain. I did eat some Ritz crackers with cheese. I felt gross afterwards. They were not counted into my daily points & of all things, the stupid crackers were a bit stale. Seriously? Next time I cheat, I want some fresh junk. I think I've got this figured out? Pleased so far! I am working to let other people's drama stay just that - their drama. I'm gonna focus on the family & on me & make better choices. Can't let sress allow me to lose control. Jillian - kick my butt some more. Gotta get shredded!

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