Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Bet on it & I lost...

I have had a great success for the past 6 months. I've managed to lose weight and exercise without looking back. At my meeting on Monday, I talked to my leader about how I cannot eat pizza because I cannot stop eating as long as there is any around. It's a trigger food that I cannot have around me or I binge eat. My leader at Weight Watchers challenged me to go one week without pizza & if my family wanted it, I was supposed to suggest that they go out to eat & I stay home & relish in time to myself. Well, my day really turned sour & it was so stressful that I couldn't get a healthy dinner in. Tiffy made pizza for the family & I sat there & ate everyone's left overs. It's truly the first time I've stress eaten since I started on Weight Watchers. But, I made a bet that I could go one week without eating any pizza & I made it less than one day. So, I am getting back on the wagon tonight & swearing off pizza again! I felt ashamed that I allowed stress to put me back into old habits. I know that I'm human & can slip up, but now I will have to work twice as hard to get the weight off this week & it really isn't worth the extra work. I hate you pizza. I truly do! Tomorrow is a new day & I will start fresh!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down 65 pounds!

Weighed in on Monday & I'm officially down 65 pounds! Super excited about that. The smaller I get, the harder I'm finding that it is to lose weight. I've stepped up my workouts to twice daily (almost 7x's week). I'm now running 2 miles at a time & am power walking the last mile. The 5K is in 2 weeks & I just now bumped up to 2 miles. I do think I will run the entire way, but I may puke a bit after it's all done. Sounds like a grand ol time, doesn't it?

A Couple More Pics

Top is a current pic and bottom is a previous pic...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Going and going and going...

Still here & still going. Lost another 3 pounds and am now down 65 pounds exactly! I'm starting to like my body. Shock of all shock, I know, but I'm getting comfortable in my own skin. Speaking of skin, there is a little more of it than I would prefer, but I'm hoping that when I can start lifting weights, it will tighten up. Ron starts his job in 2 weeks & his first paycheck comes in 6 weeks. Dying to get back to "normal" financially, if we ever can. I'm only 26.2 pounds away from my goal weight though I secretly want to lose 9 additional pounds so I can hit the 100 pound mark! Isn't that totally insane? So far, I've done this entire process without gaining a single pound. I desperately want to get to goal without any gain, but I do realize that I can't be a total control freak & have to accept that a gain could happen. Either way, the important thing is that I'm getting back to a healthier me.