Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Weigh-In

Another Monday & another weigh-in!  Successful & very exciting for me!  I lost 2.8 pounds & am now down 80.4 pounds!  I have 11 total pounds to go until goal & only 6 pounds more until I hit a "healthy" weight range!!!  So many thoughts have been running through my head.  At the beginning of this process, I had some negativity from a couple of people.  I could have let that get to me & cause me to quit.  I did let it fester inside of me & I used it to motivate me.  I do not ever want to be one of those people who has so much jealousy inside that I have to lash out & make fun of someone who is overweight.  I do think jealousy was what brought about the negative comments.  My advice to others in this type of situation is to use the negativity in a positive way.  When I'm upset or am getting negativity from others, I hop on the treadmill & run it off.  I am almost to the end of part one of this journey.  Eleven more pounds until I hit maintenance!  I will get 4 points back per day & that will be wonderful!  I do admit that I am more hungry lately.  I need to continue making good food choices & keep up my activity.  Signing off for now as I'm so tired.  The time change seems to have affected me which is odd because it's only an hour, but I have just been so tired this week & need to get some extra sleep!

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