Monday, October 25, 2010

75 Pounds Lost today!

I did it!  I received my last award from Weight Watchers before I reach my goal weight.  I'm so excited to hit 75 pounds, but to be honest, my progress has slowed tremendously.  I am losing one pound every week.  A loss is a loss is a loss, but at this rate, I will have 16 more weeks to go until I hit my goal.  That's 4 months!  I just really need to step up my eating habits.  Ron gets paid on Friday and we are going to hit up Sam's Club so I can get some healthy foods that they have prepared & frozen.  My workouts are very steady.  I'm running 2 miles a day and alternating the eliptical or Jillian Shred for the other 20 minutes.  Basically, I workout 40 minutes a day with one or 2 days of rest in the week.  Bottom line is that I'm losing my bottom line & that's the most I can hope for.  I have not had a gain yet, and am praying that trend continues.  To be continued...

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