Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still Kicking & closing in on the finish line!

Lost another pound this week for a total of 74! I so wanted to hit 75, but a loss is a loss & still haven't hit a gain yet! If I could get through this without a gain, I would just be so excited, but my leader still continues to worry that I will fall apart. I LOVE my meetings each week & get so excited to go & be a part of a group of people with the same goals! I don't feel that I NEED the group as much as I simply enjoy everyone & the topics, etc. It's inspiring to hear of others losing & seeing successes in the group! Yesterday, someone who is a lifetime member returned to her goal weight. Awesome success! I cannot wait for that day to be mine & it will soon. I have 17.4 pounds to go. Just wanted to check in with myself on the blog since I am my only reader! LOL. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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