Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling fat today

Not sure why, but I'm feeling fat today. I didn't walk today, so I figure that it's all in my head. I'm getting ready to work out on the Wii to the Biggest Loser game. It seriously kicks my butt. My diet has been good today. I'm way under my points, so I will be able to have a decent dinner. My stress levels are high because my children have been terribly whiny today. I am not going to stress eat. Just gonna stress workout. I guess that's a better alternative! So, we shall see how successful my workout can be when my kids are both home. Should be interesting to see if they interrupt me 50 times. Here goes nothing! By the way - A certain someone started her Weight Watchers program yesterday. She's doing awesome! Since she's my only reader, if she reads this - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You are doing great!!!!!

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  1. Thanks Ruth - sorry - I just now read this :) I had a good first week. Down 8 pounds so far, so I'm pumped - but I know it is the first week body shock. We'll keep each other motivated!! Keep up the good work :)