Monday, April 19, 2010

Still going...

Week three weigh -in at Weight Watcher's brought me to my 5% goal! I am so motivated right now. I really enjoy and really need to go to the meetings weekly. I lost 3.2 more pounds this week for a total of 14.8 lbs. Darn it - I was so close to the 15 pound mark, but that gives me a goal for next week. I walked 3 miles again today. It feels wonderful to be up & about. I played baseball yesterday with my kids and it was great to be out there & not be a "sideline" mom. Ronnie was thrilled that I actually got up & played! I'm watching myself change & become healthier. I will become the princess in the picture on my mantle & my daughter will learn one day that I am that girl.

Our Weight Watcher's instructor talked today about making every day the same & not treating weekends as "special". This is not a diet, but a new way of living. When I do well, I will reward myself. But I will do it with something other than food. I bought new workout clothes yesterday & actually went down a size! That was a great reward. If I feel stressed, instead of reaching for food, I will try to take a walk & work off the stress. It's working and I FEEL GREAT!

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