Wednesday, December 22, 2010


On December 20th, I did it.  I hit the scale & hit my GOAL!  149.0!  My goal was actually 150, so I was quite pleased.  I was a bit bummed that my normal leader was not there, but the visiting leader was SO gracious & wonderful & made me feel very special!  I have lost 92.4 pounds in 9 months & am so pleased that I hit my goal as a Christmas present to myself!  I'm putting some updated progress pics on here.

I do have to admit that I may want to lose a bit more.  I'm in a healthy weight range now & one that I believe I can maintain with some ease, so anymore lost would be purely vanity.  However, I just feel that there is a bit more on my thighs that need to come off.  Can't decide, but for now, I'm gonna happily maintain around 150. 

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