Monday, September 13, 2010

Going and going and going...

Still here & still going. Lost another 3 pounds and am now down 65 pounds exactly! I'm starting to like my body. Shock of all shock, I know, but I'm getting comfortable in my own skin. Speaking of skin, there is a little more of it than I would prefer, but I'm hoping that when I can start lifting weights, it will tighten up. Ron starts his job in 2 weeks & his first paycheck comes in 6 weeks. Dying to get back to "normal" financially, if we ever can. I'm only 26.2 pounds away from my goal weight though I secretly want to lose 9 additional pounds so I can hit the 100 pound mark! Isn't that totally insane? So far, I've done this entire process without gaining a single pound. I desperately want to get to goal without any gain, but I do realize that I can't be a total control freak & have to accept that a gain could happen. Either way, the important thing is that I'm getting back to a healthier me.

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