Monday, June 21, 2010

"One" derland

I've done it! I've hit the 40 pound mark & entered back into "One" derland. It's a happy day for me! I have my official weigh-in tonight, but the scale at home is consistently 1 pound heavier than the Weight Watcher's scale, so I'm pretty psyched! I'm doing the Jillian 30 day shred and walking when I can stand it. The deer flies and the extreme heat really bother me right now. I bought an eliptical from a neighbor & have started working out on that every night. It is a killer workout & so far, I can only manage 15 minutes before I'm exhausted. I'm hoping to soon up that to 30, but dang. It kills me! UGH! Just wanted to drop in to update my status. Haven't decided if I will keep blogging. It seemed to help me when I started, but now I find myself too busy with life to keep up with this blog. :)

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